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Cloud can make your environment *more* secure. A new cloud service alerts IT pros when specific events happen in their environment. For example, you might want to receive an email when a sensitive resource gets accessed, certain permissions get granted, membership for a privileged group gets changed and so on. This all is now part of the Quest OnDemand Log Management service – just watch this two-minute video to see how it works:

(Full disclosure: I work for Quest Software and participate in our Quest OnDemand efforts.)

What’s best is that this is a cloud service – so no local deployment or additional infrastructure is required. You can just go to the website, sign-up for a free trial, download a small agent, and start getting alerts for the events you care about!

Cloud is good for you! Sign-up for a free trial now and have the cloud help you keep your environment secure.


The 451 Group has published a quick report by Jay Lyman on the Cittio’s new monitoring solution for cloud-based systems.

The report (called “Cittio floats open source cloud instrumentation and monitoring with Zeppelin“) is a good write-up and puts the context around the move and how it would affect both established and emerging players in that space.

It does however prompt a few comments from my side:

  • Weird that they put RightScale into the same bucket – RightScale is not really a monitoring tool but rather automated management solution.
  • It is also strange that (at least as positioned in the article) the vendors are trying to replace OpenView, Tivoli, Systems Center and the like. Wouldn’t it make sense to integrate with the big frameworks and thus get easier approved in the enterprises?

Anyways, see the original report at the analysts’ site.

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