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Here’s a 3 minute video which Windows Azure team shot when they caught me in the hallway after one of the days at the Microsoft PDC conference last November.

It is short but hopefully provides look into why we are using Azure and building our Quest OnDemand Systems-Management-as-a-Service offering.


Ben Riga posted a video recording with a fairly detailed discussion we had at Microsoft PDC about Quest OnDemand (Quest’s Systems Management as a Service offering):

In that discussion we have covered quite a few topic which I hope you will find interesting:

  • What is Systems Management as a Service and how it is different from all other *aaS offerings,
  • How SaaS can increase market penetration,
  • Quest strategy in SaaS vs. on premises products,
  • Why and how we picked Windows Azure as our platform,
  • Which code from existing on-premises products could be re-used and which had to be developed from scratch,
  • Some details on the product architecture including security and multi-tenancy.

One thing I could not help noticing is how the UI of the service itself changed between this shooting in November and the way it looks today. I guess this is a testimony of how SaaS model lets vendors innovate fast.

Check out the video here.

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