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Ruggero Contu has published a case study which he created after studying Quest Software‘s transition from being a pure software vendor to also a SaaS cloud-based IT management company: “Case Study: Quest Leverages Cloud Services to Introduce SaaS-Based Log Management Product” (registration required to access the page):

Although new business opportunities can justify a SaaS project, implementation of a new cloud-based offering is not a straightforward task. CTOs, development managers, and sales, marketing and service delivery managers should plan for the far-reaching changes needed across the organization to reach a successful implementation.

SaaS-based security products have been gaining popularity and adoption within organizations over the past few years. Although demand for SaaS-based security information event management (SIEM) products is not as high as for other security areas, such as messaging security and remote vulnerability assessment, SaaS-based SIEM is a valuable option for those enterprises that cannot implement security information tools. An on-premises SIEM implementation may not be justified, particularly in those cases where there are limited resources available to be dedicated to deploying and managing SIEM products; the cost of SIEM implementation may be unjustified also in those instances with well-defined but limited technology needs, such as to meet a specific regulatory requirement. As a result, there are interesting market opportunities for SIEM vendors willing to embark on the launch of a SaaS-based log management solution. This Case Study discusses how Quest Software developed and implemented a SaaS-based product offering.

Ruggero goes into the details of why and how Quest went from software to SaaS, what was involved in the transition, and which benefits did this move bring to both the vendor and its customers.

If you work for a software company considering a similar move, or if you are an IT professional considering starting to use SaaS in your environment, I would recommend obtaining and reading the full document here.


Security and data protection are key concerns for any cloud solution. I truly believe that this is also one aspect that you cannot just improve over time. No matter how agile you are security needs to be there by design.

Unfortunately most cloud vendors/SaaS-providers still don’t tell enough about the way they protect customer data – which we know is a bad idea.

From that perspective you might find this case study which Microsoft has just posted worth reading: Systems Manager Offers Security-Enhanced, Hosted Solutions with Programming Framework. The case study lists some of the technologies used in Quest OnDemandQuest Software’s Systems Management as a Service product family.

There’s more to security than just encrypting internet traffic. The case study discusses how latest technology such as Windows Identity Foundation and Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 helped us make sure that customers are always in control of their data, which includes not just protecting data from those who should not have access (including Quest’s own engineers!) to it but also a convenient and secure way to delegate access to those who should.

I hope this helps you get a good overview to one of the approaches to cloud security. Read the case study here.

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