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Cloud-based AD backup and recovery service – Quest OnDemand Recovery – just got updated allowing among other things to easily locate the whole change history for a given account throughout the whole backup history, and roll the object back to any particular moment in time.

The new feature is available right from the main screen. Simply search for the user account:

Select the moment in time for this AD object:

Click Finish and the object will get back to the selected time in the past!

This new feature was introduced earlier this week and is now available to all OnDemand Recovery customers (the beauty of the cloud!).

If you have not tried this service, there is a free 30 day trial available here. (Full disclosure: I work for Quest Software and am involved in the project.)


Last week was the official commercial launch of Quest OnDemand Recovery for AD – a subscription-based automated service which protects your Active Directory for a small monthly fee.

Changes are good, and Active Directory – as the identity core of most companies’ IT – is always changes. However, sometimes wrong changes happen: accounts or whole containers can get accidentally deleted, or a script can go wild and wipe out a bunch of attributes across a set of accounts (I personally once got affected by such an incident a few years ago).

Quest OnDemand Recovery for AD works as a time machine for your Active Directory:

  1. A small local agent in your network on the schedule you select detects changes in AD, compresses and encrypts them and sends them to a remote datacenter.
  2. Whenever you need to roll back any change, you log on to the web site, browse and search your backups, pick the change you want to undo and click Restore.
  3. The agents gets the changes back and applies them to the local AD.

Watch the quick video here:

There is a free 30 day trial of the service, after which you can keep using it for a small monthly fee (which when I am writing this is just 60 cents per AD user account per month).

You can learn more about this service and sign-up for it here.

Full disclosure: I am personally involved in Quest OnDemand efforts. And very excited about it, I must say. 🙂

Dataquest Insight: Cloud-Based Server Backup Services, 2Q09 Update” by Adam W. Couture is a good feature-by-feature (including pricing) comparison of a dozen of major online backup solutions for the enterprise space.

Backup might initially sound like the worst cloud application you can think of: after all it involves big data transfers and most likely the data about which you care the most – and thus for which you have the biggest security and liability concerns.

Yet, backup and recovery products (and obviously migration solutions) are normally the first ones to emerge in any new markets – the pain is much more obvious than whatever management tasks you might also have – so the cloud market is no exception. Also, specifically in the cloud space there is an additional bonus of the backup data being by definition in a remote location – and thus safe from natural disasters which might hit your local datacenter.

Gartner survey is a great source of information if you are considering buying an online backup service or going to the market with one. It seems to be a rapidly evolving space with major players entering the market and solutions advancing from simple file storage to those including standby emergency environments and virtualization support. The report helps you make sense of who is doing what and how much is that going to cost you. A very good read indeed.

You can buy the full report here.

[UPDATE] Just stumbled upon this (relatively) old post of mine and noticed that obviously neither the post nor the Gartner report had a mention of the (not existent at that point) Quest OnDemand Recovery for Active Directory – specialized SaaS backup and granular rollback solution with which I was personally involved. It is also an interesting example of how cloud lets more specialized and focused backup products get to the market and succeed.

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